Register with Compare man with van as an Owner Van Driver or Self Employed Van Driver and receive confirmed reservations sent directly to your phone and email.

We here at Compare Man with Van accept Owner Van Driver or Self Employed Van Driver members and will rate you as a Bronze, Silver and Gold driver.

A bronze status is your basic van with normal isurance and to become a Silver and Gold you need to have (Goods In Transit Insurance) and (Liability Insurance) including your normal vehicle insurance this will allow all our customers to feel confident that their belongings including themselves are insured in case of any incidents or accidents.

A Gold driver status is based on customers feedback of your service, 10 five star ratings will automatically make you a Gold status driver.

As an Owner Van Driver or Self Employed Van Driver you need to be on time for each and every job, you also need to be respectful and courteous to your customer and in most instances you must be willing to go the extra mile and that will make you a prefered driver which is awarded by Compare Man with Van.

If you're not willing or able to follow the guidelines above then maybe Compare Man with Van is not the right company for you, but if you want a great partnership with Compare Man with Van then join our team today.

Goods In Transit Insurance can be as little as 1.50 per and obtaining both Liability and Goods In Transit can save you money as a package.

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